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The Big Ten: Today I Am TEN Years Cancer Free!

Life can change suddenly…

Ten years ago today my life as I knew it changed. And who I am today, because of Jesus, is actually much stronger…thanks to Him for healing me of breast cancer and giving me a testimony of hope to share.  I didn’t just survive cancer to “get back to life”as I knew it, that would have been a great tragedy.  I survived to live the life God called me to live. An abundant life. It certainly does not look like the one I expected it to be, it’s more.

How I spent my day celebrating

I have celebrated in the most beautiful way today. Jeff had pink flowers in vases on the kitchen island and in the sitting room where I sit for my quiet time and coffee with the Lord. When I woke up, the first thing I said was “thank you God, for the great plans you have for the next ten years.” It’s like I used to feel when I would go to my six month oncology check-ups and each time I left with a good report I would say “okay, God thank you for six more months.” If ever I learned a thing from having cancer it’s this…every day is a blessing. Don’t take it lightly. Oh yes, I get my feathers ruffled and forget and worry about useless things I can’t do anything about, so Lord please remind me again “Don’t take it lightly.”  To value each day is to truly live an abundant life.

We had a morning prayer time and communion at my church this morning which ended the twenty-one day fast. It was such a joyful time just praising and worshiping the Lord…thanking him in the sanctuary, with the body of Christ. I honestly could not think of a better way to celebrate than that???? Divinely planned. Afterwards, we had a breakfast “feast” breaking bread together. To walk through valleys and mountains with the body of Christ is to truly live the abundant life.

Comfort as you have been comforted

A quick trip to the grocery store..well I celebrate because it’s done and don’t have to do it! Then out the door again to visit a friend in the hospital. I went with my friend from church who has been so faithful to pray and be at the hospital with this family. She has also been praying with other families in the ICU waiting room. Hospitals are places I spend alot of time in because of the work I do. Therefore, over the years, the greatest days are when I am able to comfort or smile or pray with someone in a waiting room or elevator. To be there today, well, it was an honor.  We visited our friend and prayed for him. And went back to the ICU unit and prayed over two other patients. Prayer changes everything. God is good. This is truly living. To love and pray for others is to truly live an abundant life.

Cancer affects the whole family

And now, Jeff and I are headed out to eat dinner, Abby and Luke have both been celebrating with me today (here and afar) ….making it to this very day…ten years later with my family of four…the good days, the bad days and everything in between…is to truly be live an abundant life.

To God be the Glory! “I will never forget your precepts, for by them you have preserved my life.” Psalm 119:93

Love to you all and thank you for all your prayers and support for me over the years! The best is yet to come!


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