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Forty-Five Verses:Unknown Territory

When God leads you to a new season, there is always the unknowns, the uncertainties, the unveiling, the unraveling, even the unnerving tendencies that tend to question our human minds. Am I living up to the potential that He purposed me to do for the Kingdom? Am I using the skills and talents He gave me to the best of my ability? Am I putting forth one hundred percent? Am I going the extra mile and putting others needs above my own? Am I truly listening for guidance and direction from God throughout the day? How can I make small changes toward my long and short term goals?
All these questions have been swirling around in my head lately and finally made it to the page. As I have continued to work through the house, I am using the same process to declutter my mind. (yes I realize that may be a lengthy and quite complicated process..haha). Just as I have been working toward simplifying our morning routine and maintaining order, I have begun writing down almost every single thing that I think about (or think I may think about) doing. Once it is on the page it feels like it’s closer to being done. Instead of the dread that used to come when my eyes hit, for example,  the picture that’s been propped up against the wall for over two months now, there’s a sense of “I will get to that soon, it’s on the list.” For those of you that know me (and love me) know that I do love a list. Just how I am wired. And to mark that line through something that is done, can’t…even…lol…! On a cute notepad of course. I had to let some of those go (even the cute ones) in my decluttering process. Sooo, as it goes,  I let go of some mental clutter as well. And I kept the questions above and answered them. Honestly answered them. That way, as I set out in this new year… there’s a plan, a target, a mission.
God can do His best work when we are open and obedient to open doors, the one’s He opens no man can shut. In fact, that is my prayer, Lord, let me be even more open and obedient to you, it’s part of venturing into unknown territory. Amen.
Day 37/45 Today’s verse….
 “He replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” Luke 11:28

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