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Guest Room Update

“For as the earth brings forth it’s bud, As the garden cause the things that are sown in it to spring forth, so the Lord will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all nations.”
Isaiah 61:11
Hey there!!
The guest room…finally an update.  I was working on Luke’s room at the same time and just used his previous bedding which so happened to (somewhat) go with the window panels I had picked out! I did, however add the creme fringe to the navy dust ruffle via glue gun, so fancy I know. Sewing is not one of my talents so I improvise. Turned out well for a no-sew project:)
This garden table was bought for the den but may just stay in here as a nightstand. The sunburst mirror just seems appropriate as I hope that much sunshine is felt in this room, coming through the windows and in the!


How about that is the trendy edison look huh? Umm no, it’s a celing fan with no blades..haha and it is on it’s way out soon! Sorry guests no fan in here, the chandlier from the sitting room is gonna look great in here and maybe we will all quit hitting our heads on it!


I painted this dresser with chalk paint and still plan to replace knobs, tried to add a little red with all the navy and light colors! I really haven’t had time to look through our attic and find all my accessories to decorate yet. We are in such a holding pattern with the renovation, there’s been no reason to start getting out “goods”. In due season. Slowly but surely. The Lord is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved (Psalm 46:5). I am learning much about the Lord through this house..patience, forgiveness, thankfulness, goodness and faithfulness. My heart must remain loyal to the King and not to the castle. And it does. Love you, Lord.
Moving right along…replacing these closet knobs made such a difference and at $4 each from World Market that’s an inexpensive way to dress up a boring door!


Closet doors before…little brass, cute but made no statement. And guests, please don’t open these doors right now it’s a hot mess “behind closed doors.” The whole house is for that matter but you know what? It will come to order. In time.  I no longer waste all my energy and push myself to an insane limit just to have the perfect decorated house. I do enjoy it but my time is so limited. It feels very unfinished and freeing at the same time. I know that God has a plan in ALL of it. Even a house. He uses our circumstances to grow us. We  are to pay attention. We  are to obey. We are to turn around and strengthen our brother once we are strengthened. Behind closed doors and in the world.


Remember the white window…it’s a very light gray but still…
Now it’s covered…just like you and I are “covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.”
I pray this room is blessing to the many who will stay here. May it bring peace, comfort and rest because of you, Lord. Nothing we have or do is without your presence. Our cup runneth over. Amen.
“For the Lord is great, and greatly to be praised; he is to be feared about all gods.” Psalm 96:4 
Have a most wonderful weekend!

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