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31 Days of Pink:The Two Races I Trained For….

“You enlarged my path under me; So that my feet did not slip.” Psalm 18:6

Today was finally the big Race I have been doing all this yapping about!! It was also a gigantic celebration for many, many women, families and friends, and personally for two special girls that walked with me arm in  arm, like the yellow brick road only it was pink, around the survivors lap, to the song by Mandisa “You’re an Overcomer”. Notice our pink beads?? It is one of my favorite parts about this race,  you get a necklace to represent each of your “survivor years.” Apparently, the turnout was huge this year and they were running low on the beads. I didn’t know this yet and when I asked for four more, to make that big FIVE, they lady said, “ok here, just say you found ’em on the ground!” Now, you know I had to give them back…and then I hear “uh no, I will get two and you get two,Carla, she is getting five”..haha..that was priceless, Rebecca! I throw them around my neck  and say ” thanks girls, I have been fighting for you two all year!” Smile. Oh, the bond of survivorship!

Back in December, as I was looking forward to ringing in the new year and hit the big five year remission mark, I got the call from both Rebecca and Carla, within a week or two of each other,  both with a diagnosis of HER2 positive breast cancer. Well, I had certainly been trained to run this race too, almost five years,  but the thought of it, I don’t even have words. I absolutely did not want them to have to go through that training. I remember even thinking, no Lord, it is too hard, please no. Yet, in my heart I knew that He had brought me through the valley and He was in complete control. So, I just had to follow His lead. Sometimes that meant knowing what was ahead and just praying and waiting until the surgery or treatment was over before I disclosed more information. I could not have done that if I had not already run (umm, probably slowly walked or shuffled) that race. And here we are today in celebration, all of us walking and running!! 

Rebecca and I communicated through surgeries, treatments, etc with text and calls and today was the first time I have seen her in person, what a gift! Thank you, Jesus for Rebecca’s news this week…remission!!

Carla and I have been friends since ninth grade and have always loved to dress up!We would spend so much time planning (and making lists..haha) for the prom, dances, dates, you name it,whatever the event these girls were gonna be doing hair, make-up and nails! 

Heather, Me, Melanie, Carla..High School Dance 1991

And today, we so enjoyed our day in our pink outfits!! We were laughing and enjoyed a delicious sixteen (felt like) course lunch and it was like old times. I have prayed since her surgery, for this day to get here, not the race, but the day, when I could tell that she felt better. It has been a rough year but even in all the yuck, she always managed to tell me a funny story (always :))! You are getting stronger and stronger inside and out!!Thank you, Jesus for bringing her to this is a new chapter, Carla!!

Pink Ladies


First Chemo..

Out of all these people, this man that I love very much, was one of the first people I saw that I knew and gave me a big you, POP!! 

Way to go, Pop!!

And, drum roll….I did run NON-STOP, start to finish, so I have officially completed my first 5k. I ran alone. And it felt kinda like my story. Thoughout that cancer season, I had so much support, however,  I was the one who had to decide to keep going when I didn’t want to, keep myself encouraged and FINISH. Of course, none of that or my run today would  be possible without God!As I was getting very hot and tired on about mile two, I noticed a cheer from the Lord..what??? Parking space markers. White parking space markers, that looked like white crosses, one right after the other. I just happened to look down and see them.  It was just what I needed to get to the finish line! All Glory to God for reaching this goal. 


And once I finished, I ran into my co-worker, Amanda, who I had planned to meet earlier but we ran out of time…and there she was. Only God.

Selfie with Amanda

On Day 10, I dedicate my post to Carla Stewart, you rocked it today!! I am so proud of you! It has been an honor to be able to give back to you what was so graciously given to me! You have helped me heal even more. Thanks for all you do for me and all you are to so many people!! Love you…CAAARRLLLA, Carla!!;0

“For He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways.” Psalm 91:11

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