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Abundant in Power

“Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure.” Psalm 147:5

Power has been all the buzz around here this week. It’s on facebook comments, it’s the topic of conversation in most places, and it has caused some disruption! The “lack of” power that is. We heard on the news of this Hurricane named Lee, who was not supposed to effect us that much. We knew it was coming, the rain began and then..the lights went out!!!!The sun did not shine it’s face for three days.

And quite honestly, no lights and no sun can make one feel a little blah, agree? So yesterday, I went for an early morning walk and prayed and had a little talk with myself..ha!Really more than blah, I think it was just a cluttered mind from an extremely busy week!As I was almost home, I saw two power trucks headed on our street. (Let me confess, our power came on Tuesday afternoon, but most of our neighborhood still had none yesterday.) And as I headed down the hill I snapped the picture of the sun, coming through those dark clouds!!

My day only got better from there, Great is our Lord, and abundant in power. We sometimes forget that abundance of power is right there within our hearts. I needed that short time away to get back on track Just like those power trucks heading into my neighborhood, He comes to rescue, revive and restore. Thank you Lord for your everlasting restoration. May you restore the hearts of those who are in need of igniting your power within, for hard circumstances, uncertainty and even just a blah day. Let them see the sun, through the clouds. Let them see the SON. The sun is shining and the lights are on, have a great weekend, friends! Let me share my other “rays of sunshine”……

My husband, Jeff and I before starting the day..and thanks to him for the hug at just the right time this morning!

My beautiful daughter, Abby..who will be going to the sixth grade “traffic light”party this afternoon..notice she’s in red…for STOP:)))

And my little man, Luke eating his favorite chocolate chip pancakes and watching some TV before school!

“So I have looked for You in the sanctuary, to see your power and Your glory.” Psalm 63:2

Let God turn on your power, it’s for His glory!

P.S. And for a laugh…do you know that song…”I GOT THE POWER…ump..ump..ump..ump” it’s in your head…smiles!

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