In Faith

A Fresh Start

I lost my voice last week. Literally. Could not speak. Well, when I did speak, my voice was very squeaky, strained and extremely weak. It’s kind of a problem when I basically talk for a living, in doctor’s offices mind you! LOL By the week’s end I was in the doctor’s office as a patient, being given antibiotics for a sinus infection. I only went because my throat began to throb. You know that thing when you are backed into a wall, in need of help and there is only one way out? It was a wake-up call that my body was not only fighting an infection but worn completely out. And who is the only one who can fix that? Ouch.

Time to lay down in green pastures. Umm, HE MAKES ME…lie down in green pastures. Rest. Mental and physical rest. Lie down. Be still. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. It was as if the Lord brought me to a place, a shelter of rest and not only restored my voice but He restored my vision. Both my spiritual voice and my spiritual vision have been so burdened, they too were squeaky, strained and extremely weak. That weight of it all lifted this week and I know, without a doubt, that what I have been praying for has begun…A fresh start.

The words in Isaiah 50:10 have been deeply embedded in my heart for months. It is jammed packed with truth and instruction. Peace and redemption. Reverence, Obedience, Trust and Reliance on God have been my flashlight in the dark until finally..daylight broke through.

“Who among you fears the Lord 

and obeys the word of his servant?

Let him who walks in the dark,

who has no light,

trust in the name of the Lord

and rely on his God.”

Isaiah 50:10


A fresh start.  Just begin. To start is to begin. Fresh means new. A blank page with a divine appointment. The Light of Jesus reveals itself. For the biggest battle we sometimes fight is against our own flesh and believing old lies and tricks of the enemy. The battle is not ours but the Lord’s. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Light in the darkness. Strength for our weakness. Faith over fear. Joy in eternal love. Stepping out and stepping up. Set apart not bound. Remembering again that every day is a gift and there is no time but the present. Live.

After months of silence, surrender, steadfast prayer, sitting still and slowly walking through unchartered waters…my voice is back. Thanks be to God who causes us to triumph, Glory to Glory.

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