In Cancer

Right In Front Of Me

There she was right in front of me.

I had just sat down in my chair ,in the large ballroom, at the very last meeting for my child’s college orientation. It was hard to grasp the fact that she was registering for her first semester. That she would be at the very campus I had graduated from many moons ago, but all on her own… in just two short months. I was quite tired and considered skipping out on this last meeting. And then I saw her.

I mean, I really saw her!

A lady about my age, my size, with a black hat on covering her bald head…only her back was in sight but I felt like I could see right into her heart without even seeing her face.  I saw myself nine years ago.  A pain hit deep within me but quickly subsided as I  looked, first to the right, then to left, and saw that she was surrounded by women. They were laughing and conversing and whispering, probably as ready to go as I! Just carrying on as if there was no elephant in the room. I get it. I have sat in that same chair.  I saw the group of four to five  ladies come in together but was so focused in my own head, I didn’t see her sit down right in front of me. What a hard seat to sit in trying to fight and live at the same time. There I sat.  Nine years later. Healed from breast cancer and seeing myself through a stranger. My prayer had been answered. My perspective completely changed. Peace swept over me. I thought of several things I may say to her but did what was best.

I simply bowed my head and began to pray..

“Oh God, I prayed to you (in those first weeks of diagnosis and through chemotherapy) to get here…to see my children’s graduations and birthdays and live a long life” fighting back (already emotional) tears, my prayer continued. “I told you that I wouldn’t take it lightly and however I was healed that I would not forget your faithfulness. That I would never miss an opportunity to share the good news of Jesus.  I asked you to always remind me if (when) I got off track. Because we all fall short. You are perfect and we are not.  And you Lord, reminded me how quickly life can change and to hold things and people loosely but hold onto you and your Word with everything within me.

Thank you for this precious woman, who has no idea the blessing  she is to me. A blessed reminder that every day is a blessing.  That we are all in a fight, battles surrounding but you ultimately win the war victoriously.  Give her the strength and courage you gave me. Here she sits strong, surrounded by people, laughing and living. Thank you for reminding me to laugh and live. AMEN”

What is right in front of you?

Psalm 66:19 says “But certainly God has heard me: He has attended to the voice of my prayer.”  What answer to prayer have you been reminded of lately? I would love to hear from you!

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