In Forty-Five Verses

Forty-Five Verses: Relax and Reset

Spring Break 2018
This heron was just minding his own business when we walked up and disturbed his peace. It appeared to be his happy place, just as the beach was mine on Spring Break.  I am still relishing in the good time we had doing a whole lot of nothing. How peaceful and productive it was to just be still. To relax. In this fast paced, overscheduled, overstimulated, overwhelmed world of technology, comparison and chronic busyness…relaxation is becoming harder and harder. It’s non-existent to some and seems unattainable to others.
Just because you’re still, you don’t have to be bored. Did you know when you are bored you can actually be creative?  It’s as if being bored is a bad thing these days. We are so used to being entertained with our phone or activities we don’t know how to be still and  listen. To the voice of God. To pray for others. To write down our thoughts. To write a card to a hurting friend. To clean out a closet or drawer. To go work in the yard. To take a walk. To do something different. To be open to a spontaneous outing with a child. To watch a movie with your husband, child or a friend. To read the Bible or a book instead of 5,000 post on your phone. The list goes on and on, but the main theme here is to break this cycle. Atleast for me, vacation was a “reset” for my life. It will take a concious effort to take breaks from things like social media, even texts for a while. And though this is a very busy season of life, I can choose each day to “look out at the water” and see where there are needs, there are people, there are ways that God wants me to be available to bless others with my time and substance. This life we live with Him is not our own. “So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” Psalm 90:12 

I feel quite sure the heron was staking out his afternoon snack as well as looking over the water. So he may have been busier than he looks. Just like social media, huh?  I also failed to mention that there was a snake in the tall green blades..let’s just say I am glad (and my heart) I did not see it and cut the vacay short. LOL. No really, the snake was there. And since I don’t like snakes it reminded me that there is always a hidden distraction from the enemy, waiting to cause fear, trying to derail peace and some cunning way for him to think he can deceive his way in and leave on out without consequence…umm no, devil not today, not ever. That’s all on that. There is victory in Jesus. “Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness.” John 8:12 Always victory in Jesus. 
Day 106 Today’s Verse…

“Show me your ways, O Lord, Teach me your paths; Guide me in your truth and teach me. For you are God my Savior, And my Hope is in you all day long.” Psalm 25:4-5


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