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Forty-Five Verses: Freedom from Fear (Part Two)

It’s been a long time since we traveled down south to the beach for Spring break and there’s one little detail I forgot about…the traffic! Yikes! It added about three hours to our trip going and coming. It was not as excruciating going as it was coming back and yet we all made it, without much grumbling might I add. I did notice that on the way I felt weighed down, not very chatty, and just longed for a nap or to listen to an uplifting podcast on my phone. I was in dire need of a vacation. A break. Time away to replenish. Unplug. Rest. Not plan a single thing. Read, lay in the sun (and lots of and of course spend time with my people! Oh, and guess what? It happened. Absolute best vacation. True vacation. Not a trip, a vacation. Driving back I felt lighter, calmer and ready to get back home and back to life again! Home sweet home.

I said yesterday that I was going to include some thoughts that I had on “freedom from fear” that came to me on this vacay. It was a full circle moment because so much of what was on my mind during that trip in 2009 has come to pass. I wanted to live. I wanted to share the love and hope of Jesus in writing and speaking. I wanted to be the wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend that God planned for my life not what I had planned. I wanted to be more brave and have courage to confront my fears and insecurities. I wanted to be a voice of hope for those who are fighting the battle of cancer. I wanted to look at every day as a blessing. I wanted to look ahead and see that my dreams where still there and go after them. I wanted to live, not just survive, but live.

So, while all this living has been more that I could have imagined, there has been an underlying issue continuing to try and paralyze me…yes, you know where I am going with it…fear. I heard an acronym once for it..False..Evidence..Appearing..Real. So true. Fear is false, Faith is truth. As I was laying out one day this week the reality hit me that I am now in a new season. The daily fear the enemy is trying to trick me with is over. He is so done. He is loosing ground, umm, lost ground and under my feet. And I rise up. My faith rises up. I see in the Spirit what will surely come in the natural and I do not, no will not, see those enemies again. Fear can cause all kind of disorder but faith, well it brings order where chaos and confusion reigned. Fear covers up but faith looks to mighty judge who is always just. Fear makes decisions based on feelings but faith is based on the truth which is the way, the truth and the life. Fear holds you back but faith moves you forward. Fear tries to delay your dreams but faith nurtures, waters and harvests them. Faith moves mountains. Faith gets stronger as the opposition gets fierce. Faith replaces fear. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. Thank you, Jesus for setting me FREE!

Day 101 Today’s verse…
“Be strong and courageous” Joshua 1:9

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