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Forty-Five Verses: Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers and candles on the counter, they soothe me. I decided to try my best to have fresh flowers on the island each week (or so) this year. So far so good. Trader Joe’s is one of  my favorite places to pick up a bouquet, the flowers seem so “happy” in there..,smile! I think I unintentionally went for a spring ensemble today since it’s so cold…brrrrr! It’s truly the little things that reach the soul and tenderly bring joy just by being present. There is no such substitute for being present.

For to be present is to be love. To be present is to not only to give light but to be light. To be present is being, even doing and never to be substituted with words that don’t last longer than grocery store flowers.  To be present is a gift for both the giver and the receiver. To be present is what God is in us. To be present is a two way street lined with signs of understanding and mutual respect. To be present can require sacrifice but always yields reward. To be present is never to be absent.

So flowers and flame, they bring to mind the soothing peace of knowing that God is ever with me. Present always, eternally with me, never leaving or forsaking, always loving, instructing, guiding, disciplining, and teaching me to stay in the present. Not looking back and not getting too far ahead. Staying right where I am, Lighting another candle, arranging another bouquet..flower by flower, and choosing to take in the very moment I have been given. Empowered by what the Lord has done, not entitled to my human tendancies. Praise God who causes us to triumph. I rejoice as my Hope rests in being present in your presence. Your light and Your word live on long after the candle has burned out and the flowers have died. Your word is alive and active. Light of the world. Our hope is in you. Amen.

Day 33/45 Today’s Verse…

“The grass wither and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.” Isaiah 40:8


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