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Forty-Five Verses: Moore Christmas Fun 2017

We continued to celebrate Christmas today with the Bradley crew, Jeff’s sister, Paige and her family from Charlotte, NC.  It’s really never a dull moment with six kids running around. It’s a little different now with two drivers which means the little cousins love getting carted around with the older ones! They had their first adventure this afternoon to the pet store (bet you can’t guess who drove on that before Christmas dinner…..

Kids Table..Christmas 2018..Cousins and Friends
Jeff and His Mom…Nonna…Christmas 2018


Jeff and his Dad..Pop.. Christmas 2018


Tripp and Jeff…Christmas 2018
Ruby enjoying her second dessert…we all had seconds!

We had such a great time…more eating, giving, receiving and fun watching the kids do “dirty Santa” with gift cards. It’s going to be a fun week! Christmas has been one to remember this year. I thank God for the peace and love and grace that comes with sharing our lives with those we love. Blessed and overflowing. I hope that you had a good day and holiday season. I am looking forward to all God has planned for 2018! To Him be the Glory.

Day 11/45 Verse for today…
“Call Him Jesus, for it is He who will save His people.”
Matthew 1:21

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