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Get Your House in Order: Better

Let us therefore come boldly
 to the throne of grace, 
that we may obtain mercy and 
find grace to help in time of need.” 
Hebrews 4:16

SEC Spring Meeting Banquet, 2014

I woke up at 3:30 am. I kept thinking “surely I would go back to sleep. I am exhausted.” And then I thought about Mom because she said they wake her at 3:30 am  to get blood work and then at 5:00 for a chest x-ray. Both of which are necessary to monitor her progress. I finally got on up and  called the ICU at 4:30 am to check on her. The words from the nurse “she is the same ” sent me over the edge. Thank the Lord He caught me.

I totally realize I am vulnerable right now. Wide open for the enemy’s attack of discouragement, distraction, discord, and disappointment. In my flesh, I fall for it every time. I look at the circumstance, the bad news, the person, the…you fill in the blank and I get my focus on myself and off of my Maker. But in the Spirit, I fall flat on my face or in this morning’s case, straight to my chair. And that’s where the morning armor comes in and covers all the obstacles in the day ahead.  The word of God is the armor, the absolute truth. (See Ephesians 6) and it spoke loud and clear.

While sitting there, sipping coffee, studying Psalm 18, the phone rang. I glanced down and saw the ICU number.  It was Mom’s doctor to report…”Good morning Suzanne, your Mom’s  chest x-ray did not look any better BUT overall I would say she is better, the current breathing treatments (cpap and oxygen) are working and she is having less shortness of breath and decreased anxiety. No immediate need for the ventilator.” This was at 5:45 am. I immediately begin to praise God for knowing that I needed that, at that moment! All Glory to God, prayers are being answered!

And the day has been better and better! Blessings that felt like “hugs from God.” My prayer this morning was hour to hour. And in each one almost, there was encounter with someone, a moment’s peace, breakfast with Luke and Nick, holding hands in prayer at waffle house praying for Mom by some of their best friends (priceless), prayers on the phone, Mom’s request for dry shampoo (smile), seeing her up in the chair BETTER than I have seen yet, realizing her breathing treatment was over thirty minutes later with no anxiety (hallejah), seeing her smile talking about my brother’s visit, and are you all ready for the highlight of my day besides Mom’s great report……

Taking Dad to get A NEW PHONE  and laughing my head off at him jokingly saying “is there a trade-in for the flip phone??” This is broadcast news, people. He was so excited to make the change. And he could hear good on the phone. Um, nobody hears on a flip phone. Anyway, Jeff and I got him all set up and added a few contacts. So, all of you that have tried to talk to him lately, try again now. Love that man so much!

And the icing on the cake or should I say Orange Roll???Abby learned how to make orange rolls with Nonna today and it was one of the best tasting desserts ever!! So now, at 8:00 pm I am ready for bed. Mom has already called me and talked through the oxygen mask and said “it was a good day.” Yes, Mom I agree!!! God thank you for this day. Amen

Tomorrow is a big day..Abby has a horse show in Hartselle, Al and Luke has a basketball playoff game. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. And thanks for checking in on Mom/Bren!! The prayer of the righteous availeth much.” James 5:16

Day#44 Focus on Standing Guard

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